No love for the GOP.

Planned Parenthood is under attack by the US government because conservatives want to take away abortion services. The reality is that abortion only makes up 3% of PP’s services, and the other 97% include pro-preventative general health care services.

No Love for the GOP

Partnering with Pornhub, we’ll run a week-long geo-targeted campaign that blocks red district IP addresses from accessing Pornhub content. Users will be prompted with a pop-up detailing PP’s risk of being defunded—




Users will be allowed to watch the content if they agree to send an email to their local federal GOP representative. If they refuse, or if they try to bypass the prompt, users will have to pay a fee for accessing Pornhub, much like how the GOP is forcing millions of vulnerable people to pay for their access to basic sexual health services.

Proceeds will go to supporting the local PP clinic.