TSN is the major Canadian player of sports broadcast with 5 dedicated channels of 24/7 sports. In addition to live sports, viewers can also watch over 12 hours of their dedicated one-hour highlight reel, SPORTSCENTRE .


TSN owns its problem - live sport viewing numbers are in decline. Instead of catching the game at home or at the pub, young adults are opting to watch SPORTSCENTRE content on TV or on their social media.

Behaviour we want to change:

How do we reinvigorate live sports and hook young Canadians into watching the live version as opposed to the SPORTSCENTRE version?

Real Fan vs. Reel Fan.

The gloves are off. We’re provoking sport-enthusiasts into taking a side - are they going to drop the glove or turtle?

Real fans wear their jersey on game day. Real fans play fantasy leagues. Real fans never miss a game.

Real fans watch live.

Reel fans watch highlights.