ceci n'est pas une

At the dawn of the modern art era, Rene Magritte painted The Treachery of Images and inspired great debate and dialogue around representation. 


Today, the conversation about representation about the self continues as headlines about bathroom bills, academic policy and sensitivity around pronoun use frequent our news sources.

Ceci n’est pas une ________.

We’ll commission artwork and curate an exhibition from post-modern artists like Cady Nolan, Bill Viola and Jenny Saville, who will create two pieces, each inspired by the statements, “this is not a man” and “this is not a woman”.

The exhibition will be carried across the Tate network and transported to galleries across the UK to bring national awareness and to generate dialogue and donations in support of non-binary identifying humans and their networks of support.


To take this idea outside the walls of the gallery and into the streets, we'll commission artist JR to create his signature collages throughout the UK. His behemoth-like pieces will encourage the conversation and support the curation of Ceci n'est pas une ________.